Director Paper - A positive image for your company
director paper

Director Paper - A positive image for your company

Written correspondence makes a big contribution to the positive image of a company and the world of business is all about the expression of reliability and sustainable value. To portray a truly classic, high quality image the ideal medium is the new Director brand of paper, from the LANA mill.

Since the recent closure of the Curtis Fine Paper Mill after 150 years, Kensta Group has successfully replaced the Classic paper previously offered with Director.

This laid and wove paper with its central water mark and its lightly roughened surface conveys sovereignty and touching it is an unexpected experience – a successful mix of reliability and spontaneity. Director paper comes in five delicate shades to suit a company’s corporate needs.

Situated on the river Ill at the centre of Strasbourg, LANA mill has a long tradition of paper manufacturing that spans centuries. As well as Director, this state-of-the-art mill offers a large range of products including text, writing and security papers. Founded in 1590, LANA mill made a name for itself through their performance in the production of watermark papers, authentic rag papers and special papers in the 17th and 18th centuries. LANA mill has an auspicious history with many precious ancient works such as the Gutenburg Bible, the first issue of the works of Voltaire, and at the beginning of the 20th century, the works of Jules Verne, published on their paper stock.

LANA is associated with the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). The primary goal of the FSC is to support socially, ecologically and economically responsible forestry. The FSC logo enables the consumer and public to identify the wood and the derived products offering a maximum of credibility. The FSC has developed a chain system which facilitates the tracking of the entire production route, from the management of the forest right through to the end customer.

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