Going green
Going Green - Changing the world one small step at a time

A4 Recycled Copier Paper

At Kensta, we advocate products that are cost effective yet aligned with the principles of environmental sustainability. We believe in the essentials of going green: reducing carbon emissions; taking a holistic approach to the environment; making the decision to put the environment first part of home life and business practice.

Rather than being seen as an expensive luxury, environmental considerations in the workplace can be viewed not only as a price we must pay to ensure environmental sustainability but also as a competitive advantage.

Businesses can make a big difference in their environmental practises by taking small steps, and the first step is to look inwards, at the materials they use within their own businesses. In the last issue, we reviewed the Sappi Triple Green paper, and in this issue we want to look at something much more ‘everyday’, but yet which can make a big impact: A4 recycled copier paper.

Traditionally there has been resistance to recycled copier paper as it had a reputation for being poor quality. However, today you may find you are using recycled paper without even knowing it. The Sappi A4 recycled and the Typek recycled – that comes in the green, rather than the red, wrapper – are both easily available and are 50% recycled and are of such good and comparable quality that you would not be able to tell the difference.

Many organisations such as the UN, the Red Cross and Save the Children have already insist on 50% recycled paper as part of their every day business practises. Although it does incur a slight price increase, its value is immeasurable. One might say that cheaper paper comes at a price we can not afford to pay. So next time you are buying A4 copier paper, insist on 50% recycled. By making a conscious decision to use it in your business, you will be taking a small step towards changing the world.

Committed to sustainability in all aspects of business Kensta Group works with paper companies, paper mills and environmental agencies who work to the same principles. We want to serve those companies who want to go green, to deliver education, products and solutions to going green. Talk to Kensta Group for advice on introducing green policies in your business.


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