Going green
Sustainability underpinned by United Nations

Paper suppliers, as well vendors involved in the process of delivery of the finished product, are being called upon by the United Nations to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability of the environment through certification and use of new raw materials in their tender process.

The United Nations procures or attempts to procure a variety of sustainable paper based on but not limited to the following:

  • Post consumer waste content
  • Pre consumer waste content
  • FSC certified paper products
  • Mixed source paper products
  • Fundamentally chlorine free paper
Kensta Going Green Campaign - A POSITIVE BUSINESS DECISION

Forward thinking businesses, governments, universities and NGOs have come to view environmental considerations not as a hindrance but rather a source of innovation that can enhance competitiveness. For a number of years, Kensta Group has been driving the process by educating our customers towards environmental sustainability through our Going Green initiative with a great deal of success. The approach we are taking is to proactively source and promote products that are in keeping with our green principles. One major innovation that we are offering and which has been prioritised by key businesses today is Sappiā€™s Triple Green paper.

Providing a range of coated paper products for use in high-quality publications such as annual reports, catalogues, brochures and magazines, Sappi manufactures all is paper using its Triple Green principles, on an environmental platform using an alternative fibre source. Beyond recycled, this is the next generation of effective sustainability.

Whatever your industry, every green decision advances two simultaneous and complimentary goals: improving the environment and strengthening the economy.


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